Embrace The Can

The can. 

The vessel. 

The holder of the beer. 

It's not something to take lightly. There were so many clearly obvious reasons for us to choose cans to protect our beer for their ride from our fermenters to your glass. Here are a few reason why we chose to embrace the can as the vessel for our beer. 

1. You can take it anywhere! ATV rides, boating, hiking, anywhere where glass might break or be a hassle. Be outdoors and enjoy your beer safely with no broken glass at the bottom of a cooler. Not only is it safer, but there are several places that will allow you to bring in cans versus bottles. You're free to enjoy your beer just about anywhere.

2. It's more environmentally friendly. When a can is recycled it's mere days before 90% of that same can is back on the shelf filled with more delicious beer!

3. One of the most important reasons is that it is better for the beer. With a glass bottle, harmful UV rays and oxygen can creep in causing beer to become skunked faster. With a can, no more harmful UV rays or oxygen ruining your craft beer.

4.Don't want to drink out of a can anyway? No problem! The best way to drink a beer from any vessel is to pour it into a tipped glass so that you can get the full effect of the aroma of the hops. And remember, we sell full kegs and growlers too.

Embrace the can!